The International Symposium on Heterogeneous Catalysis is held every four years. The first edition in 1967 was organized and held in Sofia by the catalytikers working at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, from Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry and Kinetics and Catalysis Department at Institute of Organic Chemistry. The latter unit organized the second (1971), third (1975), and fourth (1979) editions of the symposium all held in Varna. Institute of Catalysis of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the organizer or co-organizer from the fifth edition, 1983 in Varna, until today. The sixth edition was held in 1987 in Sofia while Burgas hosted the seventh edition in 1991. Bulgarian Catalytic Society, established in 1992 and seated at Institute of Catalysis, is a collective founder and member of the European Federation of Catalytic Societies (EFCATS). Together with Institute of Catalysis, this community has been a co-organizer of the symposium since its eighth edition (Varna) in 1996 until today. The ninth edition in 2000 was held again in Varna. In 2005, the Seventh European Congress on Catalysis (EUROPACAT-VII) was held in Sofia, organized by the Bulgarian Catalytic Society, the Greek Catalytic Society, and the Institute of Catalysis of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. For this reason, instead of 2004, the tenth edition of the symposium was rescheduled and held in 2008 in Varna. Due to insufficient financial provision and lack of own financial resources, the planned eleventh edition of the symposium in 2012 was postponed and held in 2015 in Varna (http://11symp.ic.bas.bg). The twelfth Heterogeneous Catalysis Symposium was held in Sofia in 2018 (http://12symp.ic.bas.bg). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the thirteenth edition was postponed for two years.
International Conference on Electron Magnetic Resonance Applications (EMARA) is a successor of the International Workshop on Electron Magnetic Resonance of Disordered Systems and one of the oldest European scientific events in the field of EMR spectroscopy. Since 1989, Bulgarian EPR Society has organised eleven workshops (https://epr.ic.bas.bg/en/conferences/).
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